Introducing Meta-Visionary Fiction

Introducing Meta-Visionary Fiction

As authors of Visionary Fiction, we all have our own take on the genre and how we go about enriching it with our own particular approach. However, all of these share a common purpose to go beyond mere “entertainment” and its various mind-numbing manifestations. This is writing with a purpose, designed to expand readers’ consciousness by means of conceptual and inspirational challenges with a potential capability of kindling fresh inspirations of their own…

Blurring the borderline
Our genre covers a vast range of contexts, which includes acknowledging the precept that everything is in a constant state of flux and time is an illusion. We may, therefore, feel drawn to exploring various ways of weaving this aspect of the metaphysical into the corpus of our writing. How far we need to go before Visionary Fiction shifts into the realm of Meta-Visionary Fiction (MVF) is, no doubt, debatable. However, for the sake of the present argument, we can define MVF as being an approach drawing upon a range of literary devices to blur the borderline between “vision” and “hyper-vision”. “Fake News” is one of them. Although NOT the kind of “Fake News” you might imagine.

Instead of only using regular narrative or description, a great deal of important information is delivered in the form of press articles (such as the “imagined” Sydney Morning Herald cutting shown here), interview transcripts, website screenshots and other add-ons. All contributing to create a more dynamic environment designed to be “as real as the reader needs it to be”.

The first forays into “meta-visionary” territory appeared in the “Genesis Antarctica” trilogy between 2012 and 2016, preparing the ground for the multi-dimensional aspects of “Revelation Antarctica” in 2019.

There is a downside to all these good intentions, however. For some readers misunderstood the “Fake News” device and trashed “Genesis Antarctica” because “The Sydney Morning Herald didn’t use that typeface for its headlines in 1962”. Similarly, if just one of the 99 items in “Revelation Antarctica”* takes readers outside their comfort zone, feedback can be equally damning.

Timelessness rules!
In addition to these characteristics, Meta-Visionary Fiction has yet another astoundingly unique aspect, to be fully explained in a future article. Suffice to say, it offers readers the option of glimpsing, first hand, what timelessness really implies… and how synchronicity orchestrates the “illusory” passage of time.

Unbending Science rejects MVF
One recent anecdote illustrates the kind of opposition we are likely to encounter in our “crusade” to stimulate a thirst for awareness among our readers. It is also rather amusing:

I had sent a message about “Revelation Antarctica” to an investigating scientist in Ohio who has studied evidence of aliens in Antarctica. He was very keen to find out what I know and how I came to discover it… I sent him a pdf of the entire book and we set a time for him to call directly the following day (no Skype or Zoom…). Our conversation lasted nearly two hours and he was very keen to know how I had managed to get hold of certain facts which are, apparently, VERY highly classified secrets!
When suggesting some of the information may have been partially channelled, he didn’t want to know. Although he did ask if I had seen any strange lights in my room when the “inspiration” manifested… Well, I hadn’t, although there was always a feeling of “guidance” pointing me in the right direction. (After watching Brad Swift’s interview on the VFA site discussing his latest book, “The Fringe Candidate”, I shall adopt the term “muse” from now on. Much better).

Anyway, our Antarctica scientist became even more excited when he saw the material was accompanied by my “pseudo-authentic” articles, screenshots, forum extracts, etc. He kept trying to discover my sources, emphasising he is a scientist solely interested in finding out how I had obtained so much classified information. Then, a couple of days later, I presume the penny dropped. Maybe it was my “as real as you need it to be” mantra that did it!
After sending another message developing the importance of VF as a trigger to awareness among a wider audience, he sent the following cryptic message with only a few words in the subject line. No message as such:

I quote:
“I am only interested in truth ( -:)”

After so much initial enthusiasm from the scientist-investigator, this was a devastating comedown. Until I realised it was, in fact, an encouragement! If this “secret” information had been solid enough to grab – and retain – his attention for almost three whole days, we must be doing something right!
In the end, perhaps the extracts from the “Star Peace” movie script blew it? Or the article about “Remembering the Future”? It could also have been the alien-built (and rotating) moon…? Or the underlying reasons why certain people were unable to see the Masterships.
We will probably never know.

*You can find out more about Revelation Antarctica on the VFA site here:
The next article will be largely focused on the 4 possible ways of reading “Revelation Antarctica”.